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Invitation for LeX Summer School 2009

International Summer School
LEX2009: Managing Legal Resources in the Semantic Web
7th-12th September 2009
European University Institute, Law Department
Badia Fiesolana,Via dei Roccettini 9
San Domenico di Fiesole (FI), ITALY

Application deadline: 15 July 2009


Good management of legal documents involves at least five aspects:

  • Drafting methods, to improve the language and the structure of legislative texts;
  • Legal XML standards, to improve the accessibility and interoperability of legal resources;
  • Legal ontologies, to capture legal metadata and legal semantics;
  • Formal representation of legal contents,to support legal reasoning and argumentation;
  • Workflow models, to cope with the lifecycle of legal documentation.

The summer school will address all of these aspects, through multi- and interdisciplinary competences. It will provide and integrated approach to the management of legal documentation, as a core aspect of legislative and administrative innovation.

Summer School Approach

The course is based on a common methodology and approach that is used by all the teachers and based on the following ten points:

  1. LEX is oriented to public administrators, legal drafters, publisher of legal resources and residually to students. It is not a conference for experts (except for the last day) nor a slot for presenting personal theories
  2. We have two different kinds of students, with either ICT or Legal background. We should balance the message and make it interdisciplinary. Particular attention should be put in creating groups for the practice sessions in order to have a balance in term of competences.
  3. Provide material before the lesson (not just the slides) for a personal „thinking“ introduction: simple articles, news, case-law, scenarios, success cases, etc. Not more than 15 pages, ideally 5, just to stimulate curiosity.
  4. Every section should ideally include at least a section of practice and exercise.
  5. Each main concepts should be presented with examples or, better, by starting from examples of concrete needs, success cases, bad and good practices.
  6. The exercises and the examples should ideally be connected to the countries of the students (see the list of participants).
  7. Stimulate the student with group-work whenever it is possible.
  8. We should convey understandable messages, which meet the concrete needs of the students.
  9. Interdisciplinary approach with several disciplines concurrent in the creation an holistic vision.
  10. Cases of excellence coming from the Public Administration and Commercial Bodies.
Programm, registration and more information on www.one-lex.eu.

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