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Trade unions online communication 2.0

Trade unions often present themselves as organizations in which employees should take part. They stress altruism and demand employees to develop an union identity. But as unions have to merge, employees don’t find themselves and their questions in the organization – or on the union’s website. Try it!

So look at

What do they do differently to unions? Let’s compare them with the web site of any union.

O.k., all these community sites are run by Affinity Labs which now is owned by Monster. These sites are commercial projects and their first job is to attract users of a certain group. I think, this job they do pretty well.

Other professional communities:

  • azubister, a german community for apprentices, trainees and young people seeking orientation about there future career; publisher: Neven DuMont;
    press release on pte, 8.1.2008

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One Response

  1. TheApple: Bringing Teachers Together sagt:


    I will speak in English, because my German is quite rusty; I’m actually the editor for WomenCo, and have worked on IndiaOn, TheApple, and many of the Affinity Labs sites for a few months now.

    I really appreciated seeing your post; moreover, I lived in Austria for 8 months.

    Hope all is well. Thanks for the comment about our sites!

    Kyle Stone,
    Associate Web Producer


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