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The forest of law and legal informatic passing by

This posting isn’t of vital interest. It just explains, why I choose this blog-title image. You ought to skip it.

Some weeks ago I had a nice weekend at Prague. Riding back to Vienna by train, I had plenty of time and played with my camera taking a picture from the forest passing by outside. Back home I sifted through the pictures and wondered: It was more a reflection of myself in the window, than a picture of the forest outside.

What will I discover, when looking on law and legal informatics? What will I detect on the picture constructed inside my brain? An objective reallity, as it is? I think, my perception will be more a reflection of myself, than an image of the reality. Law, legal informatics, data structures, ontologies: We do construct it by our own needs. (But sometimes we don’t keep that in our minds.)

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